Biebonic Plague-Stricken Norwegians Cause Near-Riot at Free Concert

A free Justin Bieber concert took a decidedly death metal turn in Norway yesterday, as crazed, frothing fans infected what scientists now call The Biebonic Plague nearly rioted at a free performance by Justin Bieber.

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The trouble started as soon as teen panty wetter Justin "Biebus" Christ landed in Oslo and Tweeted that he'd be performing outdoors, for free, and that if his fans really loved him they'd show up and scream really loud.


And show up they did, wild with Tubiebulosis, so unruly that Bieber had to be swept away to a secure location after performing for half an hour. The mass Biebel Alcohol Syndrome led to mass fainting, and nearly prompted police to declare a state of emergency.

Meanwhile, somewhere in Ohio, a mother is embarrassing her teenage daughter by calling the riot-inducer "That Beaver guy you and the gals go crazy for."


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