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Bic For Her: Finally, A Pen Ladies Can Use

Illustration for article titled Bic For Her: Finally, A Pen Ladies Can Use

While browsing in Stapes, a reader spotted an invention that's going to solve a lot of problems for us ladies: Bic for Her. Our tipster writes, "Oh thank the heavens above! My feeble, female hands were just a-strugglin' with those bulky man pens."


We feel you. The pen manufacturers' refusal to make a product that accommodates our inability to use anything that's not cute is nothing short of discrimination. But thankfully, Bic has listened to our many complaint letters (which of course, we dictated to men). Sure, companies have come out with slim pens in pretty pastel colors before, but how were we supposed to know they were lady pens?

"Bic for Her" is currently only listed under the European name "Cristal For Her" on the company's website. (It figures that chic European broads would get to test-drive the new pens first!) It seems the pens only comes with black or blue ink, but hopefully Bic will release a version that writes in pink — it makes the hearts above our "i"s look so much better!


Cristal For Her [Bic]

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As ridiculous as these pens are, I have to admit to buying my own Hello Kitty pens and pencils for work. I am almost 40 yrs old, and do not even care if it's absurd. I love Hello Kitty AND the bonus is no one, especially men, ever steals my pens or pencils. If I leave a regular pen on my desk, it will get stolen within hours. But not once in 7 years here has any guy ever walked off with one of my HK pencils.