BFFs Are Well-Versed In Body Snarking, Back-Pedaling

Watcing last night's episode of Paris Hilton's My New BFF, you could tell that the pressure of the competition was getting to the five remaining contestants. They began to eat aerosol cheese straight from the can and then vowed that they'd go on diets starting the following day. This triggered a bad memory of something that one of the girls, Lauren, said to our favorite contestant Corrie: That her butt looks "squished" in her jeans. In the clip above, listen to Lauren's explanation of what she really meant to say when she criticized Corrie's ass.

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The Queen of No

Honestly, that aerosol cheese sounds really good right now. I once ate a whole canned stoned. I have a weird attraction to chemical cheese. I love that nasty nacho cheese that Taco Bell uses. I even ask for extra.. I wish I was PMS'ing so I had a good reason to eat that shit.