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Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls

Illustration for article titled Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls

[Munich, May 6. Image via Getty]

A woman works on the art installation 'In this terrible Moment we are victims clinging helplessly to an environment that refuses to acknowledge the soul' by British artist Damien Hirst on show at the Museum Brandhorst in the southern German city of Munich on May 6, 2009. The new museum which shows works from the collection of Udo and Anette Brandhorst is set to open to the public on May 21, 2009. AFP PHOTO DDP / OLIVER LANG GERMANY OUT (Photo credit should read OLIVER LANG/AFP/Getty Images)


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Flackette Knits A Lot

This reminds me of the Pill book my mom had in the 80s, to read up on various meds our family was prescribed (pre-internet, obviously). It had pictures of every pill. When she would get an Rx she checked it against the picture to make sure it looked like the right pill (she started doing this after a pharmacist in our town mixed up some meds and killed someone). I still find that pill book oddly fascinating.