Beyonce's new 'do.

Who doesn't love Christina Aguilera?

She's like the Anti-Britney: She can sing well, she's got a nice husband who looks a bit like K-Fed but is completely un-rancid, and while we suspect she may have inhaled the odd substance in her time, she's failed to shave her hair off, go mad and flash her vagina to the world. We're not madly keen on the red lipstick and the curiously orange tinge to her skin, but at least she's come a long way from this:


Probably, when she looks back, even Christina will admit that wasn't really her finest moment.

Which makes it all the more puzzling why Beyonce, unveiling her latest look, appears to be channelling Christina's ill-fated wacky-doodle-do 'do:


We've seen better perms on poodles, dear. And sort your roots out while you're there, why don't you.

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