Beyoncé, You're Killing My Beyoncé

Image via the AP.
Image via the AP.

News broke yesterday that Beyoncé went rollerskating. From this event, an unholy homemade music video burst forth onto Instagram:


Please, team Beyoncé, explain the shot of Beyoncé rolling slowly backwards, butt out. Explain to us the cutaways to the shrunken head Snapchat filter and the photo of hands. Explain why a roller rink is a place for “bad things.” And why I’m stuck in an endless loop following Beyoncé’s butt as it glides around the roller rink in circles and circles and circles and circles and circles.


This is what Beyoncé looks like rollerskating without music:

Caitlyn Jenner, in the endless is-she-or-isn’t-she story, has offered an apology for this now-infamous photo of her breezing through LA wearing a Make America Great Again hat:


She tells TMZ that she changed her mind about supporting Trump after the transgender ban tweet, saying “What he’s doing to our community is absolutely f***ing awful.” But she didn’t want to mess up her hair in the convertible, so she happened to pick up the hat, which happened to be her only hat. “I apologize to all of the trans community,” she tells TMZ. “I made a mistake. I will never do it again and I’m getting rid of the hat.”


Please get rid of the hat.

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Please get rid of the hat.

Please get rid of Caitlyn.