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Rumi and Sir graced this planet all the way back in June, and since then their mom has been celebrating her own birthday, hanging with her cool friends, and organizing efforts to save her hometown. She’s now ready to keep those efforts going with song.

Beyoncé didn’t make Coachella this year because she had better things to do, so this show is hotly anticipated by many. US Magazine reports that a concert to benefit hurricane relief efforts related to Harvey and Irma is planned for October 17 at Barclays Center, and Jay Z is also slated to perform. It’s currently unknown whether they’ll be going up side by side or in separate performances or in some mix, but I will for sure be jealous of anyone who grabs a ticket and finds out in real time. Several other performers from the Roc Nation label are reportedly slated to appear, though there aren’t any names yet.

Beyoncé has been very active in supporting Houston, making an appearance at St. John’s church earlier this month to greet evacuees and hand out food. She also sent a televised message to the Hand in Hand telethon which made $44 million earlier in September, urging viewers to “come together in a collective effort to raise our voices, to help our communities, to lift our spirits and heal.”