Because Beyoncé really does run the world, yesterday the Chosen One posted a teaser of the trailer for the upcoming 50 Shades of Grey movie to her Instagram. It features all of four shots of movie footage before ending with her super sultry cover of everyone's favorite part of "Crazy in Love" with all the "uh ohs."

Whoever made that collaboration happen (it was Beyoncé) clearly demonstrates a pretty straightforward understanding of their target audience: 50 Shades + Beyoncé = Women Going Apeshit. This couldn't have been more geared towards women if they managed to include a clip of Beyoncé getting a call from her mother, thinking about it, and ultimately deciding to ignore it and call her back later. Or something about rose gold.

Having said that, fuck trailer teasers. ILU Beyoncé* (PLEASE BELIEVE ME), but they are the worst.


*If I disappear, the Beygency was definitely behind it.

Image via Getty.