Beyoncé Saw a Money Manager, Which Simply Must Mean Divorce

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Now Beyoncé can’t even check on her stock portfolio in peace.

Between releasing the “Flawless remix” with Nicki Minaj, Instagraming insect-inspired necklaces and ignoring alleged mistresses on YouTube, the Houston-raised pop star met with a financial planner and you know what that means! It's further proof that Jayoncé Is Over. (Or Beyoncé could just be making sure that her money is where it should be by signing all of her checks personally, like Oprah told her to do — seems like solid billionaire advice, at least from this thousandaire's perspective.)


In her latest song, while referencing the spectacular elevator fight between Solange and Jay, Beyoncé mentioned that she and her husband’s net worth is nearing a new dimension and E! confirmed.

"Combined they are very rapidly approaching the billion dollar mark," Zack Greenburg, Senior Editor at Forbes and also author of the book Empire State of Mind: How Jay Z went From Street Corner to Corner Office, tells E! News.


Isn't that reason enough to meet with your money manager?

This has been your daily update on the Jayoncé split rumors.

Image via Beyoncé/Instagram.

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The only thing that gets me is how private they have been before and now we get updates every day that all somewhat obviously point to divorce. I mean, apartment shopping? Come on. Nobody knew about their wedding... if they wanted to keep these divorce-type things secret they certainly would know how. So..