Beyoncé Loves To Pound The Pink Cocktails

Illustration for article titled Beyoncé Loves To Pound The Pink Cocktails

[Portofino, Italy; June 20. Images via FilmMagic]

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Beyonce DOES have good hair- it's just not grown out of her head.

She also loves to wear lipstick that was made for a woman with skin about 3 shades lighter than hers.

Really, Bee, a national survey found that when American women created the "PERFECT" woman from celebrity body parts she had J-Lo's ass, Halle Berry's eyes, Angelina Jolie's lips and YOUR skin. While your tendency toward a monochramatic color scheme (your hair and your skin being all one color) makes me think you MUST love your complexion, your insistence on poorly chosen make up tones makes me think you wish you were a lighter shade of brown. . . or that you need to fire your stylists.