Beyoncé Looks Gorgeous in Spread for Carine Roitfeld's Magazine

Beyoncé is the cover girl for this month's issue of CR Fashion Book because why the hell not? If you are like me and had no idea what the CR Fashion Book is, it is a magazine by former editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris, Carine Roitfeld.

The spread is simply titled "Queen B," which I hope Beyonce has trademarked at this point.

The empress of pop meets a force of fashion. In her first collaboration with Carine Roitfeld, the ever-changing Beyoncé expresses her many moods, manners, auras, and multifaceted characters. All hail!


The only real text in the piece is a poem by Beyonce called "Bey the Light" where she talks about her daughter as her muse. It is credited as "Words Beyonce" and "Remixed By Forrest Gander," whatever that means.

CR Fashion Book teased the cover by releasing a photo of Beyonce in a mask and inviting readers to guess who would be on the cover.

In a move that I'm sure Kim Kardashian planned meticulously, North West appears in the issue as well. Kim herself appeared on the cover last October.

All that chatter aside, Beyoncé, of course, looks stunning. Chanel is apparently in the surfbordt business now and Beyoncé posed with said surfbordt.


She also rocked some incredibly long hair that I guarantee costs more than my rent. It's a little Cousin Itt meets black Rapunzel but it's working for me.


Anytime someone at Beyoncé's level of fame bothers to appear in a magazine, we have to assume that some sort of project is on the way. Will there be another surprise album? Is she pregnant again? Is it a pre-divorce photoshoot? It's probably none of the above and just a chance to take a bunch of really beautiful pictures of Beyoncé. Can't be mad at that.


Images via CR Fashion Book.

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