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Today in really shitty, boring news disguised as really exciting and awesome news, HBO has announced that they'll be running a weekly series starring Beyonce! Huzzah! But: it's running in 4-minute segments, all of which are just pulled from the Mrs. Carter World Tour. Meh-zzah.


Via Yahoo:

Knowing how potent a hit of Beyoncé is, HBO has decided to dole out its weekly Beyoncé series, Beyoncé: X10, in four-minute doses beginning on June 22. Rather than generate original content for the series, the premium cable network will air brief concert segments each week, culled from the superstar's recent Mrs. Carter World Tour. In essence, HBO will be dribbling excerpts of what could have been a feature-length concert documentary ahead of the final episodes of True Blood each week.


I mean, I'll still watch it or whatever. But here are some things that would be better:

1. Full-length tour documentary not chopped up into tiny pieces.

2. Weekly half-hour show about JUST WHATEVER-THE-FUCK BEYONCE IS DOING.

3. Beyonce comes to my house and we have kettle corn and she shows me how to eyeliner.

4. Beyonce replaces all actors on True Blood except Alexander Skarsgaard.

5. Wait. No. Beyonce replaces him too. Then Alexander Skarsgaard comes over to my house and we eat risgrynsgröt out of each other's cupped hands.



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