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Beyonce Has No Need for Auto-Tune

Ever wonder what Beyonce sounds like when she sings in the shower? Jay-Z has yet to go there, but he did use his iPhone to record her singing her new single, "1+1," in her dressing room at Wednesday night's American Idol finale. Video of the unplugged—and very impressive—performance is above. [via Vulture]


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This is her best stuff in my opinion.

Though we are all entitled to our preferences, I think that a lot of people dislike her and don't really know why. She is so famous and some people hate to be a fan someone that is so popular but I just love everything about her. She's so hardworking and that is just such a beautiful thing to me. Her voice is ubleivable and i'm happy that she has become a more refined singer. She still does all of those runs in concert but the people love it. She just seems like a genuinely nice, and very talented woman.