Alright it's been a while since (okay like a week or two) since we've heard from Beyoncé's camp, which seems like forever considering she's dominated the news basically since dropping her album last year. I'm considering it her gracious wedding gift to Kimye. While the break is surely welcome, I'm starting to feel a bit anxious, in trepidation that she might at any moment launch another fully-fledged pop culture assault on us, forcing us to retreat to bunkers or suffer the residual effects of the Bey fallout. But not to worry.


Youtuber hajiketobu created a mash-up trailer of Beyoncé and Godzilla, and it's pretty fucking brilliant in that it is hilarious, but also, unnervingly, not untrue—the parallels are definitely there. It's always a treat to hear Bryan Cranston's emotional-cracking-but-still-"manly" voice in any situation, but its greatness is tenfold when it's responding to the menacing force that is Beyoncé.

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