Beyoncé Flaunts Her New Christmas Tree Inspired by Lemonade

Photo: Instagram

Beyoncé showered holiday joy upon her fans this Saturday with a video posted to Instagram that features the singer outfitted in the tiniest reindeer antlers possible, gesticulating before three flavors of Christmas tree.


Of course, one of those flavors is Lemonade.

Beyoncé’s choice of background music—a self-styled rendition of the Christmas classic we all wish would stop assaulting our ears in line at the drugstore, “Sleigh Ride”—struck me as carefully curated given that the singer just released a line of Abercrombie-esque sweatshirts and t-shirts that read, “I Came To Sleigh” and “I Sleigh All Day.” Panicked last-minute gift shoppers can also opt for a crop top with a picture of a stocking full of lemons on it. That would look real nice sitting under a tree covered in lemon baubles, just saying.

But more power to her. I mean, if the year is going to end in bad impulse purchases for friends and family, as so many do, you might as well cover them up in “Formation” wrapping paper.

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