Sometimes we regular humans interface with celebrities and the experience is awesome. Other times, it can be really fucking embarrassing (and, in turn, hilarious).

Enter Daryle Tyson, who attended the Super Bowl on Sunday with a friend, Greg. The pair had tickets and entered Met Life stadium through the VIP entrance, where they saw Beyoncé’s longtime security guard, Julius. Daryle was excited but tried to maintain his composure; he knew he was about to witness Beyoncé in person. When the pop star arrived and said a gracious “Hey” to the crowd, Daryle was too stunned speak so his friend mustered the courage to ask for a photo. Bey agreed. Daryle asked the first person who passed to take their picture; the guy said no with disgust. Daryle was forced to go the selfie route with Bey. Then he had another revelation.

The funny thing about that is the person that I was trying to get to take the picture for us was Jay-Z. Now you know I feel so bad because I didn’t know that was Jay-Z. I didn't care about no damn Jay-Z! I got fucking Beyoncé right here next to me saying, we can take a picture with her!

Jay was probably like, "Um, do you know who I am? WHY are you talking to me? I don’t take fan photos for my wife!" I would’ve paid money to see that happen in real life and/or slow motion.