The Carters are continuing their crusade of public love by releasing even more "look how happy we are" video clips, whether America is ready or not. During the opening leg of their On The Run tour this week, the couple revealed rare looks back at Beyoncé pregnant, the welcoming of daughter Blue Ivy at the hospital and Jay Z looking very fatherly while carrying a baby car seat. Thanks to the Internet, a genius on Tumblr flipped the Carter clips into gifs and we can call enjoy their Cosby Show without paying $400 for concert tickets. Yaasss.

Tasteful pregnancy nudes for all those belly truthers.

Welcoming Ms. Blue Ivy to the world.


Daddy Jay proving that hustlers do have hearts by offering his face as a teething toy.

Young Blue helping daddy keep his tour together, as toddlers do.


Obligatory Jayonce yacht snuggling photo.

Obligatory Jayonce yacht snuggling photo, pt. 2.


Blue, already learning to shun the paparazzi.

Blue getting in some cardio with her dad in some fancy far-flung location that probably shames your weekend plans.


This concludes the Carter version of This is (Not) Your Life. Hope you enjoyed yourself!

Image via Instagram.