Beyoncé Closed Out the Grammys With 'Take My Hand, Precious Lord'

Beyoncé, the artist who should've won Album of the Year, effectively glowed on the Grammys stage to close out the show tonight, performing "Take My Hand, Precious Lord," a gospel hymn that her mom Tina Knowles used to sing to her. (Mahalia Jackson and Aretha Franklin also both performed the song at two separate services for Dr. Martin Luther King's funeral in 1968.) I'm going to refrain from making any goddess references.


Beyoncé was dressed angelically and backed by a full choir. As previously reported, Beysus' performance preceded Common and John Legend's powerful rendition of their Oscar-nominated Selma song "Glory." So that's three beautiful people singing meaningful records to close out the Grammys. Goodnight.



So what do y'all think of the controversy re: Bey vs. Ledisi? Apparently Beyonce asked to perform and John Legend was like "how do you say no to that?!" And many felt Ledisi was snubbed because she sang the song in the movie. Ledisi was diplomatic but she definitely didnt seem fine with it.

Idk... On the one hand I don't blame Beyonce for asking since she has a personal connection to the song and obviously to King's legacy , and I don't blame John Legend for feeling pressured to say yes... But she has so much weight that when she asks for something it's not like a normal person asking. She has to know if she asks she'll get her way and in this case that means Ledisi, who has much less capital, will get shoved aside despite the fact she has all right to be up there.