Jay-Z and Beyoncé opened their On The Run tour last night in Miami and the Bonnie and Clyde routine is still going strong, complete with a 41-song set list that made me tired just reading it. Naturally, social media was flooded with images and clips from their performance. Here's a round-up, including their wedding reveal.

In the opening montage clip above, Beyoncé leaves a voicemail — people still do that? Stars, they aren't just like us — saying "I miss you ... I want some gangster shit." If we had a dollar for every time we've said the exact same thing to Jay...

But here's what you really want: The wedding snippet.

Bey looking flawless while performing "Flawless" (obviously):


Here's a still of Bey's Versace leotard, in case you needed a better look:

Now get into some "Big Pimpin' " while Jay-Z sports his hipster hat:


Denim and fishnets fabulousness:

And now it's time for the "Partition" chair dance! Notice how Bey inhales before she hops on the chair — this routine isn't as easy as it looks, I'm guessing. (Kidding. That dance doesn't look easy at all.)


"Drunk in Love," with obligatory shadows.


Jay performed "I Got It" just before Bey came out to execute all that "Partition" choreography:

The family appreciates your continued On the Run support!