Beware The "Turkey Drop": Holiday Dumping Season Is Upon Us

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If you've ever dumped someone or been dumped right around Thanksgiving, you're apparently not alone: the holiday is responsible for the demise of many a shaky relationship, thanks to the phenomenon known as "the turkey drop."


The "turkey drop," according to NPR, is a breakup that occurs over the Thanksgiving holiday, typically between college freshmen who return home for the first time and finally pull the plug on a high school relationship, though as Dan Savage notes, adults can fall victim to the "turkey drop" as well, due to a desire by one partner to split before the pressures of the Christmas-New Year's-Valentine's Day season kick in. "Thanksgiving is really when you have to pull the trigger if you're not willing to tough it out through February," Savage says.

Savage has a point: it's pretty rough to break up with someone at Christmas, and even harder to ditch a relationship right around Valentine's Day. But at the same time, it's even crueler to stay in a relationship you'd rather not be in just to protect someone's feelings throughout the holiday season, isn't it? I'd imagine that racking up all of those Christmas and New Year's memories is just adding fuel to the post-breakup fire. (Though I have known couples who have stayed together through the holidays, not for their own benefit, but for the benefit of their children and/or family members.)


Still, some "turkey drops" are unavoidable: I actually went through it during my freshman year of college, breaking up with an on-again/off-again boyfriend whom I suddenly had nothing in common with after being away for three months. He was relieved, actually, as he felt the same way. It's quite strange when people you've known for years become strangers; I'd go so far as to guess that many people go through "turkey drops" of sorts with friends during this period as well, due to realizing you're not the same person you were mere months earlier, and neither are they.

So what say you, commenters? Have you been through a "turkey drop?" And do you think it's ultimately cruel or kind to initiate a breakup during the holidays?

Want To Break Up? 'Tis The Season, So Better Hurry [NPR]

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I know it's late and no one will see this, but just to add to my earlier tale of woe, my mother just called me at work and casually dropped the bomb that my cat hasn't been seen since Saturday. The cat has been living with my parents because the boy who is backing out of marriage to me is allergic.

So I could probably lose my relationship and the cat. And the cat is mostly blind with cataracts, and I asked them (parents) not to let him out of the house, but they always say, "No, he's good. He still has his whiskers."

I just broke down crying in my office over this. I wasn't going to cry over the boy, but my cat? I'm done with today, and many days, if he doesn't come back.