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Chihuahuas are number one among dog owners in LA County (numbers two and three are labs and American pit bull terriers). The most popular name for the wee Chihuahuas is "Princess"; there are 1,262 of them. (There are also 192 dogs named Shaq, 1,020 named Kobe, and a pit bull named Bradpitt.) The least popular breeds in LA county? Alaskan Klee Kai, Ariegeois, and Swedish Lapphund. The least popular dog owner? Paris Hilton, who keeps 782 of the "Princesses" named Chihuahuas locked up in a shoe closet at all times. [LA Times]

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@Confounded: Your rule is a good one. I know just one person who dislikes animals and she scares me in general. She has crazy eyes and a bizarre obsession with floor cleanliness that is unmatched by her handling of food (I saw her get a bunch of raw chicken from a plastic container, rinse it with just water, and put it in her clean pile).