The May, "Green" issue of Elle has just hit newsstands and last night, we found a delightful and revealing little article by Elle editorial assistant Lindsay Talbot, who toils for the magazine's Fashion News Direcdtor (and notorious under-eater) Anne Slowey.

Seems that Anne's new office desperately needed an eco-friendly touch-up, and so Lindsay was all to happy to do arrange all the the contractor-work, insurance papers, paint chips and other logistics. Other than getting an inside look at the way Elle editors do or do not share credit โ€” Lindsay repeatedly makes clear that although Anne herself "decided to greenify" the new office, the renovation itself was more about "we" than "she" โ€” what we love about this article is just how butt-ugly and ordinary Anne Slowey's office used to be. And it's not much better now!

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