Illustration for article titled Betty White Adorably Reveals Her Much-Anticipated Presidential Endorsement

Notable nonagenarian Betty White has made an exception to her habit of keeping her political views in a small locket that she never removes and told the Associated Press with what we can assume was a warm smile that she "very, very much favors" incumbent Barack Obama in the upcoming presidential election. White, who recently turned 90 amid experiencing a career renaissance of sorts, has been famously bi-partisan in the past, saying she wouldn't want to alienate any of her adoring fans, but she'd be gosh-darned if she didn't speak up for the charming fellow from Hawaii, especially after she went to his fundraiser at George Clooney's house earlier this week.


In related news, George Clooney asked Betty White on a date, but she turned him down. Hard. That's just what I heard and while it may be complete fiction, it wouldn't surprise me if it really happened.

Betty White, Obama: Actress Says She ‘Very, Very Much Favors' The Incumbent [AP via HuffPo]

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