Bette Davis Gets Stamp'd • Rwanda Women Dominate The Parliament

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• A 42-cent commemorative stamp will be released tomorrow in Boston featuring a portrait of real-life and fictional Jezebel, Bette Davis. Think the mail her stamps are on will have a bumpy ride? • According the preliminary election results, Rwanda will be the first country where women outnumber men in parliament; females have taken 44 of the 80 seats. • The lesbian romantic comedy, I Can't Think Straight, which is written and directed by Shamim Sarif, has been picked up for North American distribution by Here! films. • A survey of 422 Midwestern gay and bisexual men revealed the internalized homonegativity (or negative attitudes towards homosexuality) predicted poorer mental and sexual health in men. •• Despite attempts by residents in Austin, Texas to get billboards depicting aborted fetuses taken down, the city government says they can't do anything about them because they aren't breaking any laws. • The manager of Image Hotel on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey claims to have fired all of his male staff after he caught them having affairs with foreign female tourists. • According to collected tax data, women "out-gave" men in gifts by $5 billion in 2005. • A Pakistani newspaper claims that there are 100 rapes occurring in Karachi per day, but, of course, that number may be higher that due to rape victims' fear and silence. • A study of hospital discharge records in California revealed a decreased number of complications as a result of a hysterectomy over the past 15 years. • A study of Lipitor, a drug prescribed to men and women to reduce the risk of a heart attack and lower cholesterol, has revealed that the drug is mismarketed towards women and makes unfounded claims about the effectiveness of the drug for them. •



Yaaaaay the Bette stamps are finally here! I wanted some the last time I bought stamps but they didn't have them yet.

I live in Austin. I think we should just go loudly applaud the "pretty dead baby pictures!" so they'll give up on us and leave.