When I was in junior high, Betsey Johnson was THE designer to wear. Her stores weren't yet in malls, so it was a big treat to go into New York City for the day and (hopefully) have your mom treat you to a Betsey Johnson dress. Our dresses got passed down from babysitter to big sister to little sister and then went right back in my closet, where they reside to this day. Johnson's staple is always the same: incredibly girly but never innocent. And though her resort collection, or at least the six pieces I've seen, aren't exactly groundbreaking, they are each like tightly wrapped pieces of hard candy that I never get tired of savoring. Selected images after the jump.

"Daddy just bought me a brand new yacht."

"I've invited the entire school to my Sweet Sixteen."


"Madonna taught me how to french braid, I swear."

"Yeah, whatever, I just got my second callback for Gossip Girl."


"Ugh, I'm so fat. It's not fair!"

"We're spending Spring break in St. Tropez. Do you think this dress will go with my flip-flops?"


Images via WWD