Bethenny Frankel's Talk Show to Air on Fox

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Bethenny Frankel will crossover to daytime TV this summer, with Fox running a six-week test of her talk show Bethenny in certain markets, including New York and L.A. It seems that TV execs believe that the professional Skinnygirl—worth a reported $120 million—will prove to be relateable. "We determined there was a need in the marketplace for a show that provided daytime women the opportunity to hang out with…a girlfriend," said Warner Bros. Frank Cicha, who essentially just said that Bethenny's target demo will be friendless women who hang out on their couches watching TV in the middle of the day in the summer.


Exclusive: NATPE 2012: 'Bethenny' to Air in Summer Test on Fox [Broadcasting Cable]



Sorry (anticipated) haters, I enjoy Bethenny, and will probably DVR this show. Sure, she's a little over the top sometimes, but I also enjoy how blunt she can be, and find her very entertaining.

Plus, lady is smart for developing that cocktail.. good for her for selling the biz. It's every inventor's dream.