Beth Ditto: "Size Hero For The Size-Zero Age"

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In the UK, the British Fashion Council (BFC) has refused to ban size-zero models from the runways at next month's London Fashion Week. On the other hand, edgy fashion magazine Pop has chosen singer Beth Ditto of The Gossip to model in a couture shoot, reports The Independent. "Beth Ditto has become an accidental size hero for the size-zero age. She has become a generational icon, confounding the tedious stereotypes of what it is to be a wonderful 21st-century woman," says editor Katie Grand. Yay! Although Ditto's not on the cover — it's Lindsay Lohan. Boo.
Size Hero: Beth Ditto, Pin-Up For Anti-Size-O Campaign [The Independent]


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Frankly? If even ONE woman who actually looks like Beth Ditto sees the rocking, super-cool photos of Beth Ditto in a fashion magazine, and thinks for even one second that maybe *she* might actually be ok, or that maybe she, too, could be cute without having to starve herself, then that is a HUGE WIN. Fuck the happy mediums — we can't all be that way no matter how much some of us might aspire to be. I'm all for examples of fat people who are exalted for being the cool individuals they already are, instead of serving as convenient targets for ridicule and scorn in a society that's got its head too far up its own ass to see more than one type of beauty.

Or, you know, something to that effect.