Beth Ditto Is Breaking All The (Fashion) Rules

Illustration for article titled Beth Ditto Is Breaking All The (Fashion) Rules usually has pieces on Natalia Vodianova, Diane von Furstenberg and Marc Jacobs. So what is Beth Ditto doing on the site? Talking about her passion for fashion. And being awesome.

Ditto, who explains that she was "really butch" in high school, says she "loves to break all the rules," in terms of fashion. That's why she wears horizontal stripes, floral patterns and clown-ish ensembles. But while it's interesting to see her gush about seeing designers as "artists," the best thing about this video is the idea that a non-thin person has been given such a platform — allowed to voice her thoughts about fashion on a Condé Nast website.

With buzz about plus-size models and Precious star Gabourey Sidibe rocking fantastic ensembles on the red carpet, it seems that we may finally be getting some positive coverage of larger women — and maybe the idea that fashionable = thin is beginning to break down.


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I find it interesting (but unsurprising) that the fashion world seems to be going to the other extreme with its purported embrace of Beth Ditto, who is unambiguously "plus-sized." So you can always be thin and fashionable, and you can sometimes be heavy and fashionable. Somewhere in the middle = booooring, I guess. /rambling

(Not that the Ditto love is a bad thing, mind you! I'm not saying that at all. Just musing on the apparent love of extremes in the world of high fashion.) #bethditto