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Beth Ditto Asks, 'Why Wear Pants When You Could Be Wearing A Muu Muu?'

Illustration for article titled Beth Ditto Asks, Why Wear Pants When You Could Be Wearing A Muu Muu?

In a interview, Beth Ditto shares her picks for the best makeup from drug store to high end brands, and offers sartorial words of wisdom:

For someone who seemingly has a low-maintenance, laid-back kind of style, there are a lot of things I won't do onstage: I won't wear heels and I don't really wear pants-why wear pants when you could be wearing a muu muu? I like to be really comfortable with my clothes so I let the makeup do the wildness. Even when it looks bad, that could also be good.


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Professor Pink

I'm a big woman and my aunt (who is also big) once gave me a muu muu. It's actually rather pretty, purple and blue and batik-ed. But I just can't even.

I've thought about wearing it with a curly wig on Halloween to be Mrs. Roper, but I'm not sure the reference is current enough that anyone would get it.

Somehow, Beth Ditto makes it look awesome, though... how'd she do that?