BET Honors 2008 was held Saturday night at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., and to our amazement, Tyra Banks, of all people, offered some of the most inspiring words of the evening:

I'm gonna put on that designer gown and I'm gonna put on that bra and panties and cover up the cellulite on my bootie and push my way through that door... My hope is that the little girls watching tonight will know that I have now opened a lot of those doors and hopefully it's easier for you, that we worked hard enough. My ultimate dream is that one day...our dreams can be realized faster and without any of the struggle because of the color of our skin.

And the color of our cellulite! And while Tyra might have delivered one helluva a feel-good moment, the fashion made us a little sad. While Alicia Keys looked downright regal, we're worried about Gladys Knight. And Janice Bryant. And Jill Scott. And we're really worried about Dr. Cornel West. See the good, the bad, and the ugly for yourself, after the jump.

The Good:


Don't get me wrong, I always loved Steve Brady. But I really, really loved Blair Underwood's Dr. Robert on Sex and the City. Blair Underwood always makes me swoon. See above. Swoon.

Vivica A. Fox reigns in blue, turning a look that could come across as a little pageant into total sophistication. Girl's still got it.


Paging Cleopatra! Alicia Keys is a total girl crush, and in this red gown she is breathtaking, a queen for all seasons.

The Bad:


Oh, Ne-Yo. Try not to wear a shiny jacket ever again. Also, a knit cap at a formal event is a big no-no in our book.

Is it just me, or does Janice Bryant's dress make her look like she has some weird skin disease that's slowly eating her alive?


As I said, I'm really worried about Dr. West.

The Ugly:


Why, Jill, why?!

Stevie Wonder, no excuses just 'cause you can't see. Your wife is a fashion designer. And a good fashion designer at that.


Gladys Knight has always been one of my heroes. And now she has an even bigger audience after this week's episode of 30 Rock. So why the hell is she wearing a big black trash bag to an awards show?! Get on that midnight train to Georgia and buy yourself a suitable gown, stat.

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