Best Week Ever proudly remembers director/actor Sydney Pollock through one of the most remarkable movies ever made: Tootsie! It got me thinking about how America's beloved cross-dresser was pretty fashion forward. What was considered matronly and outdated in the early 1980s is now a must with most of the fashion-y girls I see walking the streets of New York City. Pollock created an unforgettable character who managed to jump-start the trend on: 1) Really big owl-esque "Log Lady" glasses (trust me, they're so hot right now). 2) Scarves wrapped tight around the neck and tucked into a blouse. Yes, they're strictly called blouses on this occasion. 3) Pearls! Pearls around the wrist! Pearls around the neck, worn long, tied in a knot! 4) A corsage. I'm pretty sure Tootsie rocked at least one in this movie, and even if it's not a trend yet, mark my words that by the time I'm finished writing this, it will be. 5) Jessica Lange in her all belted-shirt glory. 6) And last but not least, the iconic red sequined dress with the huge slit up the side. If I ever took a class in costume design, I'd write my term paper on this dress. Anyway, thanks Sydney for giving us Tootsie, who I'm totally gonna be for Halloween. [Best Week Ever]

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