Best. Headline. Ever: American Gladiators vs. Intelligent Women. When we read that we pictured Chyna whacking Madeline Albright with a giant Nerf bat. That would have been awesome, but the story's actually about the producers of American Gladiators forcing a contestant to re-shoot an interview because she sounded too smart. Competitor Tanji Johnson originally said, "I plan to get to the top as expeditiously as possible." The producers made her do a second take, saying instead, "I plan to get to the top as fast as possible." Huff Po blogger David Wallechinsky thinks the change was encouraged to save "the core target audience for American Gladiators, young white males...from the discomfort of having a black woman use a word they did not understand." [HuffPo]


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@cannotedit: Girl, welcome to my world. The rednecks in the South get really twitchy when ANY upity female uses them big words and tries to make them feel stuuupid. Stabby, sister, stabby.