Best Contestant Ever Solves Wheel of Fortune Puzzle With One Letter

This guy is better at Wheel of Fortune than most of us will ever be at anything.

Sometimes Wheel of Fortune contestants are dumb. Sometimes they are so dumb you are embarrassed for them, like drunk relatives at weddings who fart during the toasts and hit on your mom. But Matt DeSanto is not one of those idiots. DeSanto clearly kicks ass at Wheel of Fortune (either that or he has ESP powers that he hopefully never plans to use for evil: fingers crossed). After winning this round, DeSanto destroyed every other puzzle during the episode, too. People has more on his triumphant victory over hidden letters:

"I don't want to cause trouble at home, but I think there's a connection with you and Vanna," quipped host Pat Sajak.

While a show spokewoman was loathe to call his solve a show record – especially when there have been so many bigger milestones on the game show – it was the biggest total win for a contestant going into the bonus round.


Watch the clip: it's pretty impressive. There's no way around it. Unless the Lone Ranger is literally standing next to you and holding up a sign that says "THE LONE RANGER" when this clue came up, there is no way that anyone else other than this psychic/Wheel of Fortune genius would figure this out that fast.

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Bears for President

I mean, it's not that hard. He had three important pieces of information. One, the category was character and because it's Wheel of Fortune it's not going to be, you know, a supporting character in a Neil Gaiman novel. Two, it started with a three letter word which is fairly safe to assume is "The". Three, he had the letter.

So I think a lot of people would probably say, when asked to name a character that was "The _____ _____" might make that their first guess, especially when they know the word fits. I've certainly solved harder crossword clues.