Benny The Tech Geek Gets A Bikini Wax

For our new series, "What It Feels Like To Be A Girl," we'll be filming men going through some of the more agonizing experiences that women put themselves through. (Suggestions? Send them our way.) First up: Benny, an intern from our geeky, big brother blog Gizmodo. Benny was not only brave enough to agree to get a full bikini wax — which included his sack and crack — but have both myself and Gawker Media's Richard Blakeley commit it to video. (At one point, the poor guy was so lightheaded from the experience that he thought he'd faint.) Good news, though: Not only does Benny have a newly-smooth ballsack, he's single and new to NYC. Ladies, you know you'd lick it.

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Borrow a few kids. An infant, a toddler, and a pre-schooler would be good. Put them in house with intern Ben. Have him get up at five, get the kids up, fed, bathed, dressed, and ready for day-care, which is, of course at three different locations. Get them there, on time, and him to work, on time while simultaneously taking care of his aging stand-in parent who can't care for himself. Who also lives there. Have him work a monster day, while having to go pick up the kids, one at a time, about two hours apart, because they have all caught something from each other. Have him get home, cook supper, wipe runny noses/bottoms/mouths/other orifices while also feeding/wiping orifices of aging parent. Laundry has to be done, cause kids have gotten sick all over the clean clothes. They have to be bathed again, same reason. And they need medicine, so they all have to be bundled up and taken to the drug store. And he has to catch up on his work at home since he had to leave the office several times. He has a deadline to meet at work. Get the kids fed/clean again/medicated and in bed. By then it will be about 12 am. If he's lucky, the baby will sleep a few hours before he's up at 3 to feed it, then up at 5 a.m to start all over again. Welcome to the world of very many single and working women.