Remember Benny from yesterday? The guy who we convinced to get his bikini-line waxed? We'll we're psyched to see that Benny got such positive responses in the comments section of the video of his ordeal. You guys totally wanna bone him!

Dude, he is HOT. And totally my type.

Seriously, he's so cute I'd mud-wrestle you ladies for him. C'MON, WENCHES!

I'd let him touch it.

SOOOOO CUTE. is there a date benny contest?

He so deserves to get some love for being such a good sport. Also, remember when he asked if he was bleeding and I said "no"? He so was. (I didn't want him to puke though.) Anyway, I linked his Facebook profile and was curious as to how many of you actually reached out to touch someone. After the jump, Benny breaks it down for us.

Friend Requests: 18
I haven't gone through all of them yet. I accepted some so far, rejected a couple of married/high school dudes.

Messages: Around 20
Only around five from New York. Let's pick it up, ladies! Four from dudes (one of whom felt the need to specifically state his straightness), one from a tranny.


Pokes: Only four!

Grossest Message: "Use a hydocortizone cream to reduce swelling and itchiness."

Funniest Message: From a girl from my high school apparently, "Hey, you went to Groves, right? I didn't really know you, however I just saw you get your bikini line waxed on the interweb, which was really comical. This is sort of creepy, but I just wanted to say congratulations on becoming a internet celebrity."


Blatant Sex Invitations: ZERO! Can you believe it? Lame ass Facebook. I'm moving to MySpace.

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