Benetton Gets Sucker Punched

  • That domestic-violence/Benetton campaign we blogged about yesterday? Looks to be a fake. [Salon]
  • Skin-lightening creams may get Indian women better jobs, but they don't protect them from rape and murder. [OurBodiesOurBlog]
  • Daily Telegraph style columnist and Vogue contributor Sarah Mower blames fashion designers for the rise of super-skinny model; fails to call out fashion magazines. [DailyTelegraph]
  • It's official: Valerie Plame was covert. [TheLede]
  • Don't let the terrorists — or your fat cells — win: Go to the mall! [USAToday]
  • Two women in the NY Times' obituaries section today: Gretchen Wyler, 75, Broadway actress and animal activist; and Barbara Cox, 84, philanthropist and Cox Media heiress. [NYTimes]

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