Benedict Cumberbatch is Coming to Comic-Con On a Cloud of Your Dreams

You can officially tell everyone that yes, dreams do come true. Benedict Cumberbatch will make his first appearance at Comic-Con in San Diego this year.

Cumberbatch will be there to promote The Penguins of Madagascar, an animated film from DreamWorks. Here are the details from Variety (bolded extra special important info by me):

In addition to Cumberbatch, who plays Agent Classified, the DWA panel for "Penguins" will also feature John Malkovich, Tom McGrath and directors Simon J. Smith and Eric Darnell. Fox will release the toon on Nov. 26.

The two-hour DreamWorks Animation panel will take place in the convention center's Hall H on Thursday, starting at 11:30 a.m. WB's presentation takes place Saturday morning.


Variety reports that he may also stick around to do some Smaug related promotion for The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, since Peter Jackson is going to be there, too.

Now I know you're out there saying to yourself, Rebecca, none of this matters because I will never get close enough to Benedict to actually fulfill my dreams of making out with Sherlock while I'm dressed as Batgirl. Hogwash! You have to believe in dreams! They do come true.

Here's all the things Benedict Cumberbatch would say to you if you were hanging out with him at Comic-Con:


"Hello darling. How about you and I take a stroll down to the mezzanine and sign up for a Tekken tag tournament?"


"Hurry up, sweetheart. We don't want to miss Amanda Conner. If I leave here without getting her to sign my Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre, I will just DIE."


"Do you want to go to the Endgame: The Calling presentation and make jokes about James Frey? I kind of do but not without something to eat first. No, I don't want lunch. Just a snack. Something like a hot dog. What about nachos? Do they have nachos here?"


"OMG I have a great idea. Let's take this stack of napkins and draw some stick figures and scribble some rantings about Benghazi and Obamacare on them and take it to the portfolio review."


"Wanna go make out in the Exhibitor Hall?"

It could happen. All you have to do is dream.

The San Diego Comic-Con runs from July 24-27 at the Convention Center.

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