Benedict Cumberbatch Fights the Nazis in The Imitation Game

Behold: Your first trailer for Sherlock Holmes Goes to World War II! By which of course I mean The Imitation Game, Benedict Cumberbatch's eagerly anticipated biopic of computer pioneer Alan Turing, from his wartime codebreaking efforts to his postwar persecution for homosexuality.

This couldn't be more Oscar bait-y if they'd gone ahead and slapped "For Your Consideration" onto the trailer. Plus Tumblr is gonna lose its damn mind. Here's a UK teaser with more footage:

Keira Knightley, Papa Lannister (looking villainous as ever) and the cutie who played Branson on Downton Abbey all appear, as well. Let's just hope the final product shows more women than just Knightley, even if they're merely extras—the massive codebreaking project at Bletchley Park was in fact staffed by majority women.

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I'll be a bit disappointed if they merely touch on his homosexuality without really addressing it and its consequences. I understand this film is primarily about what he did for the war effort and not necessarily what happened to him afterwards, but what became of Alan Turing after the war is just as important as what he did during it.

That said, this otherwise looks excellent!