Bend It Like Beckham Will Soon Become a Musical

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Let no media property escape being wrung dry for every single dollar! There's a Bend It Like Beckham musical opening in London next May.

That's according to the Guardian. The original film's director, Gurinder Chadha, will helm the project. It'll still be set in 2001, making it a bit of a period piece. But Chadha still sees a great deal of relevance:

"We are opening in the year of the election and there are enough people out there who will be using race as a divisive mechanism during the election process, which traditionally and historically always happens, as we know," she told the Guardian.

"What we are trying to do is make a stakehold for those of us who believe we live in a brilliant nation that is all the better for being as diverse and as interesting culturally as it is, and that it isn't just one community that has created this."


It was the stage version of Billy Elliot that finally sold her on the revamp, she told the Guardian: "I was doubly moved because I loved how it had crystallised a particular moment in British history and thought, 'Hold on, I might have been mistaken.'"

Sounds lovely. Too bad I'm boycotting musical adaptations until America finally gets to see the Rebecca of which we were so cruelly deprived. And also, for our troubles, a documentary about how Broadway's 2012 attempt fell apart. Please and thank you.

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I'm Indian - of the same cultural and religious group that Jess and her family is in the movie - and I have to say, that movie was a game changer. It was funny and a bit satirical but also brutally realistic, especially the depiction of Jess' relationship with her father. It was a perfect depiction of how family members can be so divided and yet so loving and caring with each other. And I hope non-South Asians will watch continue to watch this movie and see how one dimensional and unfair the "strict South Asian father" and "arranged marriage" stereotypes are. Also, I have a lot of family in England, spent a lot of time there, and when ever I watch Bend It Like Beckham, it's like I'm seeing my cousins and their friends.