Ben Stein is an "economist," "comedian" and former Nixon speech-writer married to Alexandra Denman. He's also an incredible sap, if his New York Times column on love and economics is anything to go by. Among the gag-reflex-inducing pieces of advice Ben has to offer in between his many, many overwrought economic metaphors: don't love assholes; look beyond the surface; love for the long haul; and don't let someone you love yank your chain. Unlike my actual father, who thankfully waits until we've been drinking to impart similar advice and thus makes it somewhat less insufferable and always remembers his anniversary, Ben's got a rather big platform to make up for the anniversary he might have forgotten (or whatever he did that pissed his wife off). I just wish he'd stick to raking in the dough from the Visine commercials [NY Times]


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