Ben Affleck's Eyes Have Been Looking Extra Gorgeous Lately

Tom Brady and Jennifer Garner’s favorite super man, Ben Affleck, has recently been photographed with a slightly modified look, and I’ve gotta say, it’s working for both him and me. Affleck’s sullen eyes have always added an element of mystery to his classic Hollywood handsomeness, and—thanks to a delicate layer of black eyeliner he’s been sporting lately—the mystery has deepened.

Whether the new look is the result of an unwashed face after filming the Justice League movie, a new stylist, or an adventurous bit of self-exploration remains to be seen (I’ve reached out to his publicist to find out for certain), but whatever the case, he’s selling those eyes as well as his wife sells credit cards.


The only thing that could make them pop more is a nice, vintage tracksuit.

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