Ben Affleck Has BFF In Congress

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  • Ben Affleck's Congressman character in State of Play was based on his friendship with New York Congressman Anthony Weiner, except for the part about boning a young staffer. Weiner's dating Clintonite Huma Abedin. [NY Times]
  • Obviously, there were no Jezebel readers in attendance at the Time 100 Most Influential Dinner the other night, because Nate Silver was spotted all by himself. [Women's Wear Daily]
  • If Arlen Specter had been there, he and Nate could have bonded, because Specter doesn't have too many friends himself these days. [NY Times]
  • California Congressman Henry Waxman is learning to be careful what he wishes for: despite ousting Michigan Congressman and car company water-carrier John Dingell from atop the Energy Committee, he's still not going to get the really liberal climate change bill he screwed over Dingell to push through. [Politico]
  • American politicans are, by the way, really sorry about killing all those Afghan people. [MSNBC]
  • Defense Secretary Robert Gates promises we won't be sending any troops into Pakistan, except for the ones we'll never acknowledge were there. (Related: A bunch of veterans who served in Cambodia and Laos were heard laughing ruefully.) [Time]
  • The LGBT community is pressing Obama to do something on LGBT issues other than just pay lip service to them. [NY Times]
  • Nancy Pelosi isn't ready to take on a repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act to allow same sex couples who legally marry to get federal recognition. [Politico]
  • Republicans are all about "states rights" and "let the people decide" until, that is, the people decide that same sex couples ought to get married. [Plum Line]
  • The new head Republican on the Judiciary Committee, Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, said that he could vote for a LGB (but, one assumes, not T) Supreme Court nominee, but South Dakota Senator John Thune would prefer to be allowed to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation, except in the case of Larry Craig. [Huffington Post]
  • Virginia Congressman, racist, bribe-taker and wife-beater Jim Moran wants to ban Viagra from the pre-10 pm airwaves so as not to be reminded of yet another one of his flaws. [CNN]


Beat Girl

I must say that LGBT issues are some of the closest to my heart, but I'm in favour of world leaders addressing those issues which affect every single one of us at the moment. Were I American, I'd give Obama a little slack until he figures out this whole crippling recession and those tricky wars, you know?