"Beloved Isabelle, It Is Not Hardly Its Body That I See, Is In Its Eyes..."

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We posted about Milan Fashion Week billboard model Isabelle Caro a few times, and today, we received a missive regarding Ms. Caro. Even though it was in Italian, we could tell it was heartfelt, so we ran it through Babelfish's text translator and found that yes, it was an impassioned love letter. Anorexia? That's amoré! Full text, after the jump.

Beloved M, I would hope that this catches up M Isabelle Caro. I see completely for being une beautiful women. It is not hardly its body that I see, is in its eyes and its beautiful smile. They are hardly a medium individual from the United States but when I have seen it on the TV I have thought that it was a Goddess I was right wants to speak my mind on the subject. If I were with she I would show that there is cosí much beauty in she that it would not have itself to vergognare itself of nothing. Well if it can say is not much Bravo in this but me she has left the part with this, If it languisce for the better things, That path seems hard and long. The life not door always, One happy extensive song. When it seats and hopes more in order, No miracle comes its way. There is nobody to knock to its door, In order to help it the future it is ok. To rise on and using its inner force. For living the life the best she knows. To stop to wish for the things that they could not be meant, To leave its spirit and its love slides hardly. To times it is hard in order to be in the gear, When the bad things are capacities its way, To try and always to face its fear, And they have not never left enter in its way.
Ringraziar it for the its time,
The G—- David M—- Jr


If anytime it has need of someone that is not always around she and wants to take nothing via from its mined. She it my email to any time of givin. They are I know that this is a blow along but but if it would love to ciarlare on telephone (601)XXX- the 0145. If we cannot send for e-mail or ciarlare it hopes that this has at least put a smile on its face. The hope to feel soon from she.

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Did you see how they're putting this chick on the Insider (famous home of the Anorexic Twins) now as the "Anorexic Model?" I don't even watch that fucking crap show and I manage to see a commercial for it every day!

Also, I'm totally disturbed by that patch of white above her ass. EW.