Porn Star Stoya Says Her Work Is 'In No Way A Feminist Act'

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The very articulate, very funny on Twitter and very much girlfriend of James Deen (even if she won't say it outright) porn star Stoya has given an extensive interview to Bijan Stephen at The Awl about sex, sex and more sex. That is her job, after all.

Stoya's always been outright about her opinions on feminism, but in this interview, she admits they've evolved over her relatively short life:

My career in porn is in no way a feminist act. That’s my job. I like my job. But I’m not doing anything to contribute to the furtherment of the feminist cause by showing up and being made up and styled to look like a very conventionally attractive woman and then having sex on camera. There’s nothing feminist about that. But I’d also argue that pornography is entertainment, and therefore it’s no more anti-feminist for me to go and do my job—and do the high heels and the fake-eyelashes and makeup and all that stuff and have heterosexual sex with men, that’s redundant—but it’s no more anti-feminist than being a female actress showing up to a red carpet event wearing a dress. Women like to wear dresses. It’s okay.


Stoya also discusses her relationship with her feminist mother, who raised her to know that “You can do whatever you want! Any job you want. You are not constrained by your female-ness, or your vagina, or anything like that" and says that in her relationship with James Deen, she's Jay-Z and he's Beyoncé.

Stoya on Sex, Sexing, Sexism, Sexuality And Cleaning The Cat Box [The Awl]

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Believe what you want Stoya, but what you do is no different than what a prostitute does. Just because somewhere is there with a camera when you spread your legs, doesn't make you January Jones on the red carpet.