Being Cervix-y

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In a world where most women have, at best, a passing tactile familiarity with their cervices, let alone anyone else's, and pelvic exams are painful and rarely enlightening for the women undergoing them, there's now a voice (and a camera) crying out for you to get better acquainted with your body. At the website My Beautiful Cervix, a doula in her mid-twenties — with the help of her boyfriend — documented the changes in her cervix, body temperature and vaginal fluids throughout her cycle. Yours is probably relatively similar, so go have a look at what you look like! [My Beautiful Cervix]


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I wonder what we need as women to be able to free ouselves of our internalized misogyny—-the stuff that triggers automatic feelings of disgust and revulsion and fear of female genitals. Haven't our poor pussies been symbolically and literally tortured and abused enough? I'm TIRED of it!