Being Anna Wintour Is Harder Than It Looks

Guardian writer Jess Cartner-Morley tried to re-create Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour's morning routine: 5:45 am tennis, 6:45 am blow-out, at the office by 9 am. Anna makes it look easy, but as Cartner-Morley soon found, perfection is elusive. Cartner-Morley first assessed her hair: "[Wintour has] a power bob, an immaculate helmet of hair the perfect symmetry and sleekness of which verges on the surreal, whereas I have a bob in the sense that my hair is not really long and not really short but somewhere in between." Mission unaccomplished! There's always tennis, right? Nope: "Turns out that my local park won't book tennis courts out before dawn. Even when I stretch the truth and tell them it's for Anna, they are unmoved. If Anna ever moves to Hackney, she'll have to rethink her routine."

Next up, exuding general Anna-ness: "I try to persuade my son that 'a great knit is key to autumn chic,' which is, I imagine, the sort of thing Anna might say were she dressing children for school. Alfie ignores me and puts on his Transformers sweatshirt instead." Perhaps Cartner-Morley sees this as yet another strike against her in Being Anna Wintour, but we're going to count this as a victory, because a Transformers sweatshirt sounds awesome. The last task of the morning? The all-important blow-out! "[M]y hair is neat and shiny as a new pin. Time to leave for work. Looks like rain." Oh, dear! Anna never gets rained on; she has someone who takes care of that!
My 6.30am Anna Wintour Pampering Experience [Guardian]


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