According to a new UK study, two-thirds of new mothers say having a baby has destroyed their social life and they resent their partners for continuing to go out, reports Telegraph. And it just gets worse: A quarter of the mothers said that their relationship went downhill after giving birth — 47% reported arguing more. More than half said they felt lonely and isolated. On average, mothers with new babies spend only 90 minutes a day in the company of adults other than their partners. Plus, they felt abandoned by their own families:

Less than a third of mothers with a baby get hands-on support from their own mum at least once a week. On the in-laws front, more than a third never help.

Look, we love modern conveniences, and we're not retro, but were mothers ever supposed to be home alone with the kids all day? We have fantasies that things used to be easier. Surely our tribal ancestors had kids and then went back to weaving, fishing, berry picking and stuff, while the tribal elders watched the kids over in the day-care hut? And maybe the infant mortality rate was high, and life expectancy was short, but no one felt isolated and alone while holding a screaming infant, and waiting for their husband to come home from boozing with the boys, right? Right?

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