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How did you spend your time in high school? Editing the school paper? Drama club? Smoking behind Waffle House? These days, girls are being encouraged to partake in sex, drugs and lying through a new cell phone game called "Coolest Girl in School," which is all the rage in Australia. How does one become the coolest girl? Just "lie, bitch and flirt your way to the top of the high school ladder." All you have to do is "experiment with drugs, alcohol and smoking, skip school, spread rumours, bully" and have unprotected sex. Fun! Parents and educators are freaking the fuck out, naturally, that a game being marketed specifically at girls that encourages them to, uh, make bad choices. But the game's creator, Holly Martin, says the game is actually good for girls.


Martin feels like girls are being left out of gaming. But is the best way to bring them into this male-dominated field through a program where they learn the beauties of getting high and opening their legs? Eh, says Martin, there's no difference between her game and ones where boys are encouraged to steal cars and shoot people. Furthermore, Martin insists that her game exposes the complications that go along with such choices, for instance, "taking drugs and smoking might work against you because you have to go to rehab or have stinky breath when the captain of the football team comes to speak to you." Dude, that is so true. Well, except Lindsay, Mary-Kate, Nicole and even fucking Betty Ford went to rehab and they're all still super cool and totally famous, right?! Seriously, don't you want a suite at Promises or Cirque Lodge for your next vacation? Rehab seems fun!

Kids 'Play' With Drugs, Sex [Daily Telegraph]


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