On the heels of Jessica Simpson wearing a T-shirt which read "Real Girls Eat Meat," a new study was released, claiming that eating tofu can lower a man's sperm count. Soy contains phytoestrogen, which has an impact on semen "quality." But, writing the Guardian, Barbara Ellen asserts that, less virile or not, male vegetarians are sexy. Writes Ms. Ellen:

In this hostile, ultra-macho, morally arid climate, to stand up and be counted as a male vegetarian must require cojones of immense size, much bigger balls, in fact, than your average carnivorous wimp, who just goes along with the crowd.

Of course, in our collective human history, the man was the hunter while the woman collected colorful berries. Fast forward a few millennia and dudes go in for the kill on Wall Street while women forage and collect berry-colored shoes. But like all generalizations, this is only partly true. Men eat berries, women eat meat. And while there was a time that salad bars were for chicks and steakhouses were for the boys, haven't we left all that behind? Are vegetarian (or vegan) guys — presumably educated about the cruelty of factory farming — smarter, ballsier, sexier?

Full disclosure: My boyfriend is vegan. He is not a "hippie," hates camping and never comes near patchouli. He eats, among other things, popcorn, spicy noodles, French fries, jelly beans, guacamole, cookies and tacos made with beans and soy chicken, none of which could be called "rabbit food." So I don't agree with Jessica's previous post branding male vegetarians "sissies." Just like it's offensive to say that eating meat is "manly," isn't it awful to assume that not eating meat is "girly"? Why would caring about what's in your body be gender-specific? And what's up with using "sissy" or "girly" as an insult?


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