Pit Bulls Get Good PR After Pit Bull Saves Woman from House Fire

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Pit bulls don’t have the greatest reputation (Ontario, Canada, for instance, has a ban on pit bulls and pit bull-esque dogs), so they need all the good PR they can get. The new pit bull PR person seems to be doing a pretty good job of rehabilitating pit bulls’ image, too — he/she has gotten the word out that a pit bull in New York saved its owner from a conflagration that consumed her Long Island home and required the dampening efforts of more than 70 firefighters.

According to an NBC News report, Long Island-resident Jackie Bonasera was dyeing her hair in the upstairs bathroom of her home in East Norwich when she heard the frantic barking of her dog, Cain. When she ran downstairs to see what Cain was going on about, she saw flames leaping up the side of her garage and, like any reasonable person, got the fuck out of there.

Bonasera’s daughter has since described Cain as “the town hero,” and Bonasera herself was quick to point out that, in spite of all the nasty things people say about pit bulls, Cain is a really sweet dog. Let’s just hope fame doesn’t go to his tiny dog brain. Literary agents are probably already begging him to write a memoir about his new role as breed ambassador for pit bulls everywhere — Heart of Fire: How I Saved Mistress, Earned Bacon-Snack, Took Nap, and Learned Writing Trick.


Pit bull saves woman from burning home [NBC]

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RaisedByHeathens Orange Meanie-Pants

Before the tide of Adopt a Pitbull comments get really going- pits are smart and can be headstrong. For god's sake know what you're doing before you get one. I have a friend with two rescue pits right now and they are brilliant sweet loving dogs- but they will chew on anything and everything. Their almost too smart for their own good- and she never owned dogs so she's a little over her head. She finally got professional trainer help, but they have some bad puppy habits already. Pits are great- but like any dog: DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Keep 'em out of the shelters people!